UNISIG is an industrial consortium which was created to develop the ERTMS/ETCS technical specifications. As an Associate Member of UNIFE, a recognised stakeholder, UNISIG actively contributes to the activities of the European Union Agency for Railways in the field of ERTMS/ETCS technical specifications.

The UNISIG Consortium is an Associate Member of UNIFE. seven companies now known as Alstom, AŽD Praha, CAF, Hitachi Rail, MERMEC, Siemens, and Thales are its Full Members. ECM and MERMEC STE are Associate Members of UNISIG

Detailed information on UNISIG, its functioning, and membership opportunities may be found in the UNISIG factsheet in the dedicated website section.

The role of UNISIG

  • Development of the ERTMS Specifications jointly with ERA & Railways
  • Acting as a technical platform for the ETCS suppliers

Full Members

Associate Members

For queries, please contact Jonathan Cutuli by email at jonathan.cutuli@unife.org

ERTMS - The European Traffic Management System