European Commission 

The European Commission dedicated ERTMS webpage


The ERTMS newsletter "Signal" , published on a regular basis by the European Commission


The document "ERTMS in 10 questions", which has been written by the European Commission, provides a helicopter view on ERTMS.

ERTMS Corridors


The map of the European deployment plan provides an overview of the future ERTMS network and the planned investments programs.

Railway organisations


 UNIFE, the association of the European Rail Industry, runs the ERTMS website and publishes a large number of ERTMS press releases on its website.


 UIC, the worldwide organisation for cooperation for railway companies, publishes a large number of ERTMS documents through the so-called "ERTMS platform". These are made available on their dedicated website section.


 The website of CER, the Community of European Railways, contains some information on ERTMS.


 EIM, the European Rail Infrastructure Managers, occasionally publishes information on ERTMS.  


The ERTMS Users’ Group is European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) formed by a group of several railway administration, and participates to the writing of the ERTMS specifications.

European Union Agency for Railways 

Based in Valenciennes, the European Union Agency for Railways is the "system authority" in charge of the ERTMS specifications. This is relflected on its website, which contains extensive information on ERTMS and the technical specifications.

ERTMS - The European Traffic Management System