UNISIG was created to develop the ERTMS and CCS/TMS technical specifications.

As part of UNIFE (the European Rail Industry Association), UNISIG is a technical body responsible for the development, maintenance and updating of the ERTMS and CCS/TMS [1] technical specifications. For ERTMS in particular, this process is carried out in close cooperation with the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA).

Although the final version of the ERTMS specifications is officially issued by the European Commission after approval by the Member States, it is fundamentally shaped by a recommendation from ERA. This recommendation is discussed extensively with the railway sector, including UNISIG, and requires considerable effort from the committee to define these specifications.

UNISIG is working jointly with railways in the European Rail Joint Undertaking System Pillar on operational and technical standards for the entire railway signalling system, which will have a major business impact on the entire rail industry.

Nine companies, now known as Alstom, AŽD, CAF, Hitachi, MerMec, Progress Rail, Siemens Mobility and Thales are members of UNISIG, and as UNISIG partner, Scheidt&Bachmann.

Detailed information on UNISIG, its functioning, and joining conditions may be found in the UNISIG factsheet in the dedicated website section.

[1] CCS: Control command and Signalling
TMS: Traffic Management System

The role of UNISIG


Development of ETCS and ATO technical specifications under the leadership of ERA

Development of European operational and technical specifications for the entire signalling system including interlockings and Traffic Management Systems, together with railways in the context of the ERJU System Pillar

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