The benefits

The benefits

of ERTMS Level 2 Baseline 3

Today, ERTMS Level 2 takes rail safety to a future-proof situation through the introduction of ERTMS Level 2, Baseline 3.

What is

What is


Over the past decade, industrial giants and European governments have strived to attain rail interoperability, so that trains can cross borders without stopping.

New features of the

New features of the

ERTMS deployment map application

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ERTMS deployment statistics

ERTMS deployment statistics


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European Parliament pushes ERTMS deployment and CEF2 regulation forward

07 July

At this week’s European Parliament Plenary, rail saw the adoption of two measures that have major implications for the future of Europe’s sustainable mobility paradigm: a Report on the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) and a Connecting Europe Facility 2 (CEF2) Regulation. The first was prompted by Members of European Parliament (MEPs) assessment that […]

ERTMS Brochure

23 March

The European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) is a single, EU-wide signalling and speed control system that ensures interoperability between national railway systems. This telecommunications technology reduces the purchasing and maintenance costs of signalling systems, increases the speed of trains, raises the capacity of infrastructure and improves the level of safety. ERTMS is designed to […]

Highlights from last ERTMS Stakeholders Platform Board conference call and 1st ERTMS Work Plan

06 June

On 3 June, the ERTMS Stakeholders Platform Board convened ‘virtually’ to discuss the latest, most important ERTMS developments. The European Commission and the European Railway Agency (ERA) opted for the Platform Board to officially present European ERTMS Coordinator Matthias Ruete’s first ERTMS Work Plan. In his exhaustive document, Mr Ruete evaluates the current ERTMS deployment […]

How UNISIG experts have contributed to the ERTMS/ETCS evolution

04 May

In 2018/2019, UNISIG continued to focus its activities on the maintenance of the ERTMS specifications, including the associated Baseline Compatibility Assessment (BCA). Under the leadership of ERA within the EECT (ERA Extended Core Team), UNISIG and the ERTMS Users Group kept carrying out the analysis and assessment of a set of Change Requests (CRs), considered […]

CCRCC ERA Conference (Valenciennes, 15-17 October 2019)

08 November

From 15-17 October, 2019 the Control Command and Railway Communication Conference (CCRCC2019), organized by the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA), took place in Valenciennes, France. UNIFE and UNISIG actively contributed to the organization of the Conference. All the presentations are available on ERA website). Hundreds of Europe’s leading ERTMS experts – from the European […]

Innotrans 2018: Debating about ERTMS as the backbone of the digital railway at this year’s ERTMS Dialog Forum

21 September

On Thursday 20th September a fully packed room of ERTMS supporters and curious participants gathered at Innotrans to listen to high-level panel speakers explaining why ERTMS can be considered as the real backbone of the digital railway. Representatives of the European Rail Industry alternated on stage to debate on how active the suppliers have been […]

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