ERTMS gets facelift at Innotrans 2010

ERTMS gets facelift at Innotrans 2010

Brussels, 20 September 2010 – UNIFE, the European Rail Industry, officially launched today the new ERTMS logo, together with a major revamping of the website and the association’s ERTMS communication material.

“The creation of a logo marks an important step for the signalling industry”, said Michael Clausecker, UNIFE Director-General. “By definition, ERTMS is an international standard, but so far it lacked a common visual identity. The logo expresses well the ideas of connecting networks together, simplicity, and global standard, which is how our members see ERTMS developing.”

The ERTMS logo has been designed by UNIFE together with the ERTMS suppliers. Whilst providing ERTMS with a corporate identity, the logo also enables stakeholders to strengthen their ERTMS communications material.

In parallel, UNIFE announced that the website has undergone a major revamping, both to accommodate the new ERTMS corporate identity but also to offer more timely and comprehensive information to users. With more than 13 ERTMS “factsheets” available, wishes to remain the top information source for ERTMS-related information on the web.

To protect suppliers and railways alike of possible misuses, the ERTMS logo is a registered trademark of UNIFE and legally protected in Europe and abroad. Clear and transparent rules for the usage of the logo may be found on the website

ERTMS - The European Traffic Management System