13 February 2014

Network Rail signs a 5 years licence agreement for the use of the ERTMS logo

Network Rail has signed a licence agreement for 5 years to be able to use the UNIFE registered ERTMS logo in its relevant corporate documentation. This is a the first major Railway Infrastructure Management Company that has agreed to use the UNIFE ERTMS licence in its promotion and advancement of ERTMS. Network Rail is embarking on an extensive programme of ERTMS introduction onto the national network which is expected to ramp up in the next budget period called Control Period 5 (CP5) which will see the work of the Pilot Line at Hertford North known as the ERTMS National Integration Facility (ENIF) being extended over the coming years initially onto the Great West Main Line and the East Coast Main Line (TENS routes) and other routes accompanied by the plans to retrofit large numbers of trains and locomotives with ETCS. This very exciting ERTMS roll out plan will have dramatic impact on the UK’s national rail system and UNIFE is very pleased to have a part of this promotion.