18 May 2011

Rio Suburban network to be equipped with ERTMS

Rio de Janeiro, 18 May, 2011 - Bombardier has been awarded the contract, by Supervia, to deliver an INTERFLO 250ERTMS Level 1 automatic train protection (ATP) solution on the fiveline Rio de Janeiro commuter train network, in Brazil. The first European Rail Traffic Management (ERTMS) contract to be awarded in South America, the new system will enable the reduction of current headways by half, whilst insuring safety levels.

The project is part of an overall upgrade program being undertaken by SuperVia to improve services on five-line Rio commuter network by 2015. The aim is to be transporting one million passengers every day - safely, swiftly, reliably and happily on the 225 kilometres of line and at the 89 stations. The new system will enable a short three-minute headway in the densest section of the network, between the Central and the Deodoro stations, foreseen to start service in November 2012.

ERTMS Level 1 technology allows automatic management of the time between trains, with the system automatically stopping the train even if a driver ignores a signal instruction to stop the train or a speed limit. The ATP solution, when associated with the traffic management system, reduces headways and optimises the speed, therefore increasing the capacity of the line whilst placing safety at a top level.