15 March 2016

UNIFE participates in the 12th UIC ERTMS World Conference in Brussels

“Stability” and “discipline” stood out as the buzz words of the 12th UIC ERTMS World Conference, held in the Belgian capital on 01-02 March 2016.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Luc Lallemand (CEO, Infrabel), Josef Doppelbauer (ERA), Jean-Pierre Loubinoux (UIC), Libor Lochman (CER) and Philippe Citroën (UNIFE) all underlined the need to stabilise the ERTMS specifications in order to speed up the deployment of the system in Europe, but also worldwide.
Also present, Ms. Jacqueline Galant, the Belgian Mobility Minister, confirmed the country’s commitment to completing the deployment of ERTMS by 2022 on the Belgian railway network.

Over 700 participants actively participated in the different technical sessions, ranging from safety and security issues, GSM-R, to the planned evolution of the system. For the first time, the “ERTMS Longer Term Strategy” (delivered in cooperation with the rail sector at the end of 2015) was formally introduced by the European Railway Agency. This strategy will provide guidance to the sector ahead of forthcoming discussions on the evolution of ERTMS in the years to come.
Contact: Léa Paties